Lowe: If Sirotkin will rack up points in the opening race, it will be perfect

Лоу: Если Сироткин наберет очки в дебютной гонке, это будет прекрасно

In an exclusive interview with Williams technical Director paddy Lowe commented on the signing of Sergey Sirotkin in the role of main pilot of the team from grove to the 2018 season.

Paddy described the strengths of the Russians, and said, what are you expecting Sirotkin his debut in the Grand Prix F1 in Melbourne.

What are the three qualities of Sergei, who impressed You on the tests in Abu Dhabi?
Paddy Lowe: It’s fast, stable, quiet and smart. It turned out even four.

What did Frank Williams on the signing of two young pilots?
Paddy Lowe: I think that Frank was happy, he always supported young and talented pilots. I am sure that for him it is important that the team can learn from Sergey and lance, two quality riders, the Champions of the future.

A talking about technical knowledge, as the strong-side Sirotkin. As far as Sergei is good in this regard when compared with riders with whom you had to work in the past (Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa, Coulthard, Hakkinen, Raikkonen, button)?

Paddy Lowe: In this sense, Sirotkin unique pilot: he was the first with whom I work, who has higher technical education. Of course, we don’t want Sergei was an engineer, as engineers we have. But I assume that his knowledge and ability to simplify driver interaction with the engineers, because, as you know, this is one of the most challenging aspects in the Formula 1.

Someone interested in working in terms of feedback – with young or experienced riders?
Paddy Lowe: it actually brings pleasure is not the experience that appears the pilot, and the result which it shows. For me and the engineers is very important how the rider communicates with the team, how he devotes himself to racing, how much he’s committed to our cause, and it does not depend on age and experience.

How important is the team, the presence of such an experienced pilot like Kubica in a situation when Strolla and Sirotkin for two only one season in F1 behind?
Paddy Lowe: It will help the engineers and the main pilots faster and more efficient to develop the car. Most likely, we’ll see him behind the wheel during Friday practice.

Sirotkin has signed quite late, and lance is in the team for a long time. Does this mean that the new machine was designed taking into account the wishes of canadian and might not suit the style of Sergei?
Paddy Lowe: When we create the machine, do not preference to one or another pilot, building exactly the same cars. The only difference is the workplace. Seat steering, but no more.

What result Sergey Sirotkin at the Grand Prix of Australia team will be happy?
Paddy Lowe: of course, you Can dream about the podium. For the team it would have been an incredible result, but if Sergei will earn points in his debut race, will be fine. But, as he himself said, his goal is to run high, to do everything in his power. To achieve a good result in his first race in F1 is extremely difficult.

Лоу: Если Сироткин наберет очки в дебютной гонке, это будет прекрасно

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