Interview with Hartley about the Cycling nature, the birds, and curiosity in school

Блиц-интервью Хартли – о велопрогулках на природе, птицах и любознательности в школе

Brendon Hartley made his debut in Formula 1 in the season in 2017 at the age of 27 years and spent only four races.

If we take into account the fact that throughout the campaign the 2018 new Zealander will be the main pilot Toro Rosso, we should get to know him better. This can be done by the blitz-interview to the official F1 website.

Question: What are your Hobbies besides F1?
Answer: I like to drive on a mountain bike. If I’m in New Zealand, I always ride in the woods. When I move to the top of the hill, you get adrenaline and satisfaction. Great also and down a hill.

Блиц-интервью Хартли – о велопрогулках на природе, птицах и любознательности в школе

Question: What movie made you cry?
Answer: I often watch movies during flights. The last movie that I watched? “Baby Driver” (“the Kid on the Drive”). I liked it, but some serious emotions are not aroused.

Question: What are you afraid of?
The Answer: Spiders. And that you will not be able to develop their full potential – I think this fear is at all.

Question: What was the last book you read?
Answer: “The Hitchhiker”s Guide to the Galaxy” (“Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”). Sometimes I read this book to cheer yourself up and laugh.

Question: What wrote the school teachers in your diary?
Response: I was very curious. I have always wondered the specifics and the essence of an issue. It’s probably annoyed the teachers. I was struggling with science, like math, but I never was good in history or languages.

Question: What is your guilty pleasure?
Answer: I Have a few weaknesses, but I wouldn’t say that they bother me.

Question: do You collect anything?
Answer: I collect the passes for the race. I have all the passes to all the races since then, as I started to compete in Europe. One day I will make them something interesting. But now I have a permanent pass, and it’s sad (laughs).

Question: What are you most lacking when you travel for competitions?
Answer: Blue sky over head. I like to spend time outdoors, in the woods. I love clear night sky with stars: in most parts of the world it is impossible to see it.

Question: What was your worst purchase?
Answer: In principle, nothing. I don’t have a lot of things.

Question: For what mistake you are ashamed?
Answer: Honestly, can’t remember. It’s even good. I know this is boring, but I don’t rate yourself too seriously, something to be ashamed of.

Question: When was the last time you got really angry?
Answer: Probably when someone, not respecting the queue, pushed in front of me during check-in on the plane.

Question: What superpower would you prefer: the ability to fly or ability to be invisible?
Answer: to Be invisible. And if you think well, I would have used the two superpowers: in the childhood I was always fascinated by birds. I could stare at them for hours and imagine how to fly with them.

Блиц-интервью Хартли – о велопрогулках на природе, птицах и любознательности в школе

Question: do You sing in the shower?
Answer: Thank God, no! (laughs)

Question: do You believe in love at first sight?
Answer: No. But in a passionate desire from the first sight believe.

Question: What is the worst thing to be famous?
Answer: I’m not famous and don’t want to be famous. I pity people who are so famous that you can not easily sit with friends in the restaurant or do normal things in a public place.

Question: If you could have dinner with three people – living or deceased – who would you invite?
Answer: Man, who lived a hundred years ago, a man who will live a hundred years in the future and some of my contemporaries.

Question: What is the best in a child’s life?
Answer: what you are not afraid of the future. In addition, the child opens for the first time.

Question: That everyone should try in their lives?
Answer: Invent a simple test on the nature, climb the hill, have a bike ride in the woods. It’s for everyone.

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