Gary Anderson: the Signing of Sergey Sirotkin – a thoughtful and logical move Williams

Гэри Андерсон: Подписание Сергея Сироткина – продуманный и логичный ход Williams

Expert AUTOSPORT Gary Anderson believes that Williams made a judgment call, signing a contract with Sergei Sirotkin, which will become a companion of lance Stroll in 2018.

Official: Sergey Sirotkin signed a contract with Williams for the season-2018

“The signing of the contract with Sirotkin is not a foolish move, – said Anderson, responding to a reader’s question on expediency of the conclusion of the contract the team from grove with Russian. – He has a good achievement in the younger grades. In addition, over the past years he has had the opportunity to participate in the tests and Friday practice.

Sergey has considerable experience of piloting modern cars of F1. He also knows how to work over a race weekend.

But to build cars and put them at the start, the team of F1 should be at least 70 million pounds. Williams is perfectly aware of this, and the prize money and sponsorship revenues apparently cover this amount. Any additional income that can contribute to the team racer, will be useful for improving the team. With the effective development of the money machine will be faster for both pilots.

I never believed the drivers who come to F1 with money, rent-drivers. Behind them are investors or companies, but few of them takes money from his own pocket. It’s like a startup: in order to start it you need investment. If this works, you will be able to receive dividends, and investors, in turn, make your money back.

The same with pilots. They must find investment to get the opportunity to showcase your talent at a certain level. If they have no talent. they very quickly learn. In the Junior formulas Sirotkin has shown itself a capable racer. Now he must prove it at the highest level.

All great drivers come to F1. Not all pilots were taking money out of their pockets or the family, but everything was conducted laborious work on search of sponsors.”

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