Daniil Kvyat may be in Haas or Sauber in the season 2019?

Даниил Квят может оказаться в Haas или Sauber в сезоне-2019?

The Finnish pilot Toni vilander, who plays for Ferrari GT in endurance racing, believes that working with Scuderia may contribute to the return of Daniil Kvyat on the grid.

During the season-2018 ex-pilot of Red Bull will help Ferrari, working on the simulator. According to Wilander, in 2019 he might have a chance to get into Haas or Sauber, which cooperated closely with the Italian team.

“It is unlikely that Kvyat will be back in Formula 1”. Joe Saved about the prospects of Russians in a Ferrari

“Kvyat will bring in a Ferrari to valuable experience, because he participated in the race last season, said Wilander in an interview with Finnish TV channel C More. Probably his management considered this option the most optimal in the medium term, even if the work on the simulator will not allow him to improve piloting skills. Of course, in the upcoming season it will be hard to watch the racing from the sidelines. But in the future if the sponsorship he could return to F1 as a racer Haas or Sauber”.

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