Daniil Kvyat in a Ferrari. The beaten track of Faenza to Maranello

Даниил Квят в Ferrari. Проторенной дорожкой из Фаэнцы в Маранелло

Length of the European route E45 – more than 5000 kilometers, and 100 of them is a direct way of Faenza, where is the team Toro Rosso, in Maranello – home of Ferrari. It should be noted that the connection between these two race groups at all times was very strong. Suffice it to say that the Toro Rosso – the team are quite young, but two-thirds of his 12-year journey in Formula 1, it was with the Ferrari engines.

Track from Faenza to Maranello for a long time and successfully beaten, and not only minders. Sebastian Vettel, who started his full-fledged way in the Big Prizes in the Toro Rosso, except for one military race in the composition Sauber BMW in 2007, after eight years, the champion’s transit through the Red Bull Racing moved to Maranello.

Даниил Квят в Ferrari. Проторенной дорожкой из Фаэнцы в Маранелло

Simultaneously with the German at Toro Rosso in the Ferrari and passed Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniil Kvyat and is excluded from the program of Red Bull at the end of the 2014 season. Curiously, in this respect, the way a Frenchman and a Russian are very similar – both played three season in Faenza (in the case of Cvetom – three incomplete seasons), and soon after his dismissal from the youth program of Red Bull joined Ferrari as a pilot for development.

Note that in this capacity, Jean-Eric spent in Maranello more than two years. How much will be spent is still unknown, but the Scuderia are clearly not opposed to their chassis worked guys, the last school of the Austrian concern…

That popular trail from Faenza to Maranello does not grow so far, says this is the latest information that the former race engineer Kvyat and Carlos Sainz in the Toro Rosso Marco Matassa next season, apparently, will work with combat pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen.

And now this 100-kilometre journey North-West from the Italian province of Ravenna was done by our compatriot Daniil Kvyat…

Даниил Квят в Ferrari. Проторенной дорожкой из Фаэнцы в Маранелло

Curiously, the beginning of the end (or pause?) Daniel’s career as a combat pilot of the Formula 1 was launched by Sebastian Vettel, when the German expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russians on the track two races in a row early in the season-2016. All I remember it perfectly. In China Kvyat started the sixth, but almost immediately came in third place, shifting from the route of Sebastian, which result in a chain reaction knocked out of the roadway than his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, subsequently naming a Russian torpedo. And just two weeks later, Russian Daniil twice collided with Vettel’s car, which caused an anger of four-time world champion.

I have the feeling that Kvyat decided to proceed with my duties as driver for the development of the Ferrari for another two years before appointment – on the Shanghai track, he for his aggressive maneuver put the strength of the side pontoons and mounting wheels on the chassis SF70H, and in Sochi continued, “research activities” and twice tried to detach the diffuser from the machine German.

No one will ever know (if not Sebastian will follow the example of Kimi and not sit down to write biographies), did the events at the very end of the removal of the Russians from the helm of the home team of the Austrian concern and a subsidiary of the stables of Toro Rosso, but do not notice the connection between these episodes is impossible.

Either way, it was Vettel started the chain of events leading eventually to the transition of Daniel to the Ferrari team for the position of pilot development. Happy that he is German? Probably, very soon we will hear his comments to journalists do not miss the opportunity to ask him about it.

Well, for us moving Kvyat in Maranello actually means that the number of applicants for the partner lance Stroll to Williams next year decreased by one. As in the rhyme about the ten little Indians.

In any case, we will be happy if in Formula 1 next year it will be at once two Russians, albeit in different roles. Besides, Daniel in Maranello not be bored, because about two months ago to the racing Academy of Ferrari was joined by another Russian driver Robert Shwartzman. Someone to talk to…

Major milestones Daniel quata in Formula 1 – from a test pilot with Toro Rosso before racing for the development of the Ferrari:

The end of the 2013 season:
After the triumph in GP3, Daniel was transferred to the Toro Rosso as a combat pilot in place of Daniel ricciardo

The end of the 2014 season:
Increase to combat the main rider of the team Red Bull Racing

The Hungarian Grand Prix 2015:
The first of two podiums quata in Formula 1

The Grand Prix Of China In 2016:
Torpedo-the incident with Sebastian Vettel and second podium in his career of Daniel

Prix 2016:
Double collision with Sebastian Vettel and inverse translation in the Toro Rosso

October 2016:
In the Toro Rosso announced the contract extension with the Russian

July 2017:
After the penalties for a collision with Alonso, Sainz and Stroller Daniel was two points from missing the race

September 2017:
The accident at the Singapore Grand Prix, after which the team announced that Malaysia and Japan will take place Kvyat Pierre went Out

Grand Prix of USA in 2017:
Daniel is back behind the wheel of cars Toro Rosso, replacing Sainz, and finished at the tenth place

After the Grand Prix of the USA in 2017:
Despite the success in the US, Red Bull decided to end relations with Russian

January 2018:
The announcement of the appointment of Kvyat for the position of driver for the development of the Ferrari…

Text: Alexander Ginko

Даниил Квят в Ferrari. Проторенной дорожкой из Фаэнцы в Маранелло

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