Dan gurney [1931-2018]: racer, constructor, owner and… the flap

Дэн Герни [1931–2018]: гонщик, конструктор, владелец и... закрылок

Yesterday, January 14, 87th year, died legendary American racer, designer and owner teams Dan gurney.

No, he was a multiple champion of Formula 1 or IndyCar. What is he so famous? First, he was the first in history (and all such examples were three) managed to win races in sports cars (1958), Formula 1 (1962), NASCAR (1963) and IndyCar (1967).

Also Dan can be considered a true trendsetter in the sport. In 1967, after the victory at Le Mans Dan, unwittingly, introduced a new tradition to spray champagne on the podium, and a year later at the German Grand Prix first wearing a fully closed helmet, which soon became not only a tradition but also regulated by the norm.

As for the success of gurney in Formula 1, he spent 86 of the race and took four wins. Among Americans according to this indicator, it is second only to Mario Andretti. And in 1970 – after the death of Bruce McLaren is Dan replaced him in the race.

Дэн Герни [1931–2018]: гонщик, конструктор, владелец и... закрылок

But Dan gurney was not only an amazing racer, but also a very talented engineer. Which pencil belongs to the invention of flaps, which received his own name. Today vertical wing that increases downforce, but it does not greatly affect the drag, used in racing and aircraft everywhere.

But the best Dan gurney as a driver characterized by the words of the father of double world champion Jim Clark, said at the funeral of his son. Clark is a senior took Dan aside and said to him: “you Know, buddy, on the track my son was afraid only you”…

The riders, who knew Dan personally, mourn, because with him went an era…

“We were very disappointed to hear that pioneer of American racing and was once a member of the team McLaren Dan gurney died, wrote on Twitter the team from Woking. – Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

“We are very upset that the Motorsport legend Dan gurney had left us, says Mercedes F1 Twitter. – The American racer was the genius on the track and beyond. We’ll miss you a lot”.

“In fact, Dan was the best American racer in history – said Graham Rahal. – He achieved a great deal and helped to make the racing as we know it today. All my thoughts are with the family of Dan”.

“RIP, Dan gurney. In my youth I was the first one he was so impressed – I wanted to be like him – written by Mario Andretti. And yesterday, the last time he impressed me. Forever. He understood me like no other. Therefore, he wrote the Foreword to my book. #Genericovernight”.

During his life Dan had requested that his funeral was private. And it will be done…

Дэн Герни [1931–2018]: гонщик, конструктор, владелец и... закрылок

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