Boris Rotenberg: We did not buy a place in F1, just Sirotkin faster Kubica

Борис Ротенберг: Мы не покупали место в Ф1, просто Сироткин быстрее Кубицы

Founder and Director of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg, in an interview to “Fontanka” has shared his opinion about the speed of Sergey Sirotkin on the tests in Abu Dhabi and spoke about the distinctive qualities of the Russian athlete.

“James, when I arrived in Abu Dhabi on the last tests, did not make any mistakes. He went faster than Kubica. This is the way of the people who say that Russia has bought a place. This is a pure lie. Boyfriend of five years came to this since the moment he got into our program. Finances are unable to play a decisive role. Now everything depends on Sirotkin. He now entered the age when he should show some stability.

For all pilots of Formula 1 – a guiding star. This is for the astronaut, the meaning of life is to rise into space, and from 100 candidates reaches this just one. It’s the same in Formula 1. Sirotkin and now we come to the cherished dreams of any pilot. Now he has to prove himself by 200 percent. But for us it is not the main goal. We initially do not wanted to be in F1.

I wanted to make a program that the boys had an understanding that they can develop and go the stairs up. And Sirotkin has proven that our program works, that through it you can get to the Big Prizes. And that’s our biggest victory, 1500 of our boys on the regions saw that the principle of the sport they can become pilots F1″.

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