Boris Rotenberg: I don’t think lance Stroll would be an advantage

Борис Ротенберг: Не думаю, что у Лэнса Стролла будет преимущество

Founder and Director of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing Boris Rotenberg, in an interview to “Fontanka” talked about the future cooperation Sergey Sirotkin with teammate lance Williams Strolla.

On the assumption that the Russians may be difficult due to the fact that the father of the canadian is one of the owners of the team from grove, Boris replied: “I think not. It is clear that even though they are one team, but on the track it’s every man for himself. Serge is such a person that it will still go the result.

Boris Rotenberg: We did not buy a place in F1, just Sirotkin faster Kubica

I told him, too, is that every race for him now should be final. Although, of course, we will help Williams that the car was driving faster. We built our cars. They prepare the car ourselves, but we will have joint projects.

As for the quality of the art, they will be in the same conditions. The car is one, there is nothing specifically tweak. Each pilot will adjust it for themselves.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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