As Max Verstappen disobeyed strict father…

Как Макс Ферстаппен ослушался строгого отца...

Racer Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen spoke about similar traits with his father Jos, and also recalled a moment from the recent past when they disobeyed the strict parent.

“Father we have in common is a strong ego, – said the Dutchman. Is in our blood and that is why we both could get into Formula 1. If not for this quality, we’d still drove karts.

I often trust the opinion of the father, and in nine cases out of ten he is right. But there are exceptions.

Remember, last year at the Grand Prix of Malaysia we tested some new. Daniel [ricciardo] she came, and I was sure that in my case it works, despite the difficulties in setting up. And I decided to leave it.

During training we were not able to make new work, but I insisted to leave her before qualification. Then father came and said that I should not use this element. But I did not listen to him.

In the end I managed to squeeze out the potential of new products and in the qualification I showed the third time – an excellent result for that car.

After that, I approached the father and said, “I told you so”. Of course, he laughed. But he was happy with the result.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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