Analysis: Who is the fastest and who the slowest teammate Lewis Hamilton?

Анализ: Кто самый быстрый, а кто самый медленный напарник Льюиса Хэмилтона?

In 2017, Valtteri Bottas was fifth with teammate Lewis Hamilton during the ten years of British performances in the Formula 1 when Fernando Alonso, Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg. One of them was the weakest and who is strongest? The publication Motorsport-Magazine studied the statistics and presented the results of the research.

The comparison was conducted on the basis of qualifications and races, where you can spend. That is not considered a race with the assemblies or machines of different specifications, qualification on a wet or drying track.

The gap Bottas in qualifying is almost equal to the average backlog of the Button for three seasons and much more than the average four-year rate Rosberg.

In the race the Finn was ahead of Lewis, only 15.8% of the race, while button finished above compatriot at 38.7% of races. In fact, the ratio of Jenson’s victories in the confrontation with Hamilton is better than Rosberg (34.5 per cent), despite the large gap in the qualifications.

Heikki Kovalainen combines two of the season was ahead of Hamilton at 34.8% comparable races, like Rosberg, but was much more of Button in qualifying.

Of course, all these comparisons pale in comparison to the results of Fernando Alonso. Hispanic 54.5% of cases was ahead of the Briton on the finish and qualifying went almost at the same pace.

The average margin of Hamilton from teammates in qualifying for the year
Year Pilot Difference (%) Time difference Account
2017 Bottas Hamilton 0.29% faster 0,254 13-5
2016 Rosberg Hamilton on 0,169% faster 0,141 11-3
2015 Rosberg Hamilton in 0,144% faster 0,131 11-7
2014 Rosberg Hamilton on 0,027% slower 0,023 7-5
2013 Rosberg Hamilton on 0,036% faster 0,032 6-5
2012 Button Hamilton 0.35% faster 0,314 13-1
2011 Button Hamilton in 0,237% faster 0,207 12-4
2010 Button Hamilton in in 0.288% faster 0,255 14-3
2009 Kovalainen Hamilton in 0,302% faster 0,274 8-2
2008 Kovalainen Hamilton on 0,332% faster 0,291 7-6
2007 Alonso Hamilton on 0,016% slower 0,014 7-7


Comparison of Hamilton with rivals
Pilot The difference in qualifying pace The difference in racing results
Valtteri Bottas (one season) Hamilton faster 0.29% Bottas lower at 84.2% racing
Nico Rosberg (4th season) Hamilton faster on 0,081% Rosberg lower at 65.4% racing
Jenson button (3 seasons) Hamilton faster on 0,292% Button below at 61.3% racing
Heikki Kovalainen (season 2) Hamilton faster on 0,317% Alonso lower at 65.2% racing
Fernando Alonso (one season) Hamilton slower on 0,016% Alonso below by 45.45% racing

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