Alain Prost: I don’t understand why the current engines are considered expensive

Ален Прост: Я не понимаю, почему нынешние двигатели считают дорогими

Consultant Renault, quadruple world champion Alain Prost disagreed with the view that the engines in modern Formula 1 is too expensive.

It is the high price the owners Liberty Media are calling one of the reasons why you need to change the engine regulations after 2020. Simple, remembering managing their own team in F1 in the late 90s – early zero noted that for almost the past two decades, the cost of power units has decreased significantly.

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“In 2001, I paid for the engine for his team’s 28 million dollars and had to pay 31 million in 2002, if the team is not bankrupt. Today the stables pay from 15 to 17 million a year, although the motors are very complex, said Simple in an interview with Auto Plus. – Well, then let’s simplify the engine, remove the MGU-H and then really make them cheaper. If the main purpose is to reduce costs, it is necessary to reduce costs and to other areas of regulation, such as, for example, aerodynamics. I do not understand the current mood”.

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