Adrian Newey: I have been thinking over the offers of Ferrari in 1996 and 2014

Эдриан Ньюи: Я очень долго думал над предложениями Ferrari в 1996-м и 2014-м

Technical guru of modern Formula 1 Adrian Newey admitted that for several decades of work in the Grand Prix three times he received a substantial offer to move to Ferrari, but refused each time.

“I’ve received an offer from Ferrari – said Newey in an interview with Sky Sports F1. – The first time they asked me when I planned to debut in IndyCar. I was asked to head the project, but I refused, as it is not considered this way is correct.

Following the treatment was more serious: in 1996 Jean Todt asked me to take the post of technical Director. At that moment I had three options: to stay in Williams to join McLaren or go to Ferrari. I have long thought, but then I had a young family, and I decided to stay in the UK.”

Another opportunity to go to Ferrari in Adrian Newey was after the transition of Formula 1 to hybrid propulsion in 2014.

“It became obvious that the Renault mechanics are very far behind Mercedes, and Ferrari, too, continued a British engineer. Most of all distressed that apparently Renault are not too eager to deal with the problems and invest. I was in a difficult position.

On the one hand, I didn’t want to leave the Red Bull Racing team in which I worked together with Christian Horner from the very beginning. But on the other, I realized that my hands are tied minders.

It was a very difficult decision. Ferrari made me a very attractive offer, which I thought many nights. In the end I realized that it would be wrong to leave Red Bull”.

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