Zach brown: McLaren did with Honda is softer than Red Bull with Renault

Зак Браун: McLaren поступала с Honda мягче, чем Red Bull с Renault

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown said that the team from Woking had done everything possible not to be a Honda with a verbal argument, which often arose between Red Bull Racing and Renault.

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“Despite all the difficulties we’ve faced over the past three years, our relationship remained respectful, said Zach in the comments They were as upset as we are. We never showed them the finger. In the end, Honda themselves have admitted their guilt, which is very important.

Our actions in this situation, also play a big role, because the engine supplier, be it Renault, or another manufacturer, will assess how the McLaren is behaving in case of insufficient good results. If you look at Renault, the relationship [with her clients in 2017], they were not good enough.

They [Red Bull Racing] to win the race and still exchange harsh statements. We, in turn, did not finished the race, but still shook hands with Honda”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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