Zach brown: I am pleased with the progress of Stoffele of Vandorn

Зак Браун: Я доволен прогрессом Стоффеля Вандорна

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown said that he was pleased with the performances of Stoffele of Vandorn in his debut for the Belgian season 2017.

“Due to problems with reliability of the car start of the season Vandorn turned out blurry – said Zack in comments – Stoffel – a rookie and played on many tracks for the first time.

With Fernando [Alonso] was the advantage of having 15-16 years of experience in F1. In the case that the car Alonso had problems and had only five laps in order to show the result, he could count on his experience. Stoffel in a similar situation had complicated.

In addition, his teammate is one of the best riders in the world.

If you pay attention to the lack of experience and circumstances faced by Vandorn, he did a great job. During the season Stoffel was driving faster and faster and now he is close in speed to Fernando”.

Recall that at the end of season 2017, Alonso scored 17 points and Vandorn – 13 credits.

In the near future on our website will be the published material of Stoffele of Vandorn answers to the questions readers of the magazine F1 Racing.

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