Video: a documentary film about the tests of Ayrton Senna in IndyCar

Видео: Вышел документальный фильм о тестах Айртона Сенны в IndyCar

25 years ago – 20 Dec 1992 – on the racetrack, Firebird Raceway in Arizona (USA) Ayrton Senna ran tests consisting Penske in IndyCar.

Ayrton had just completed a disappointing season of 1992 in the composition of McLaren, finishing a poor fourth place in the overall standings.

In addition, it was already known that Honda has decided to leave the Big Prizes. In this regard, Senna began to slip doubts about the competitiveness of the McLaren car in 1993, and he began to think about the future.

Emerson Fittipaldi invited his good friend and countryman test car 1992 Penske PC-21 with motor Chevrolet-Ilmor V8, and Senna took the offer.

In the end, Ayrton decided to stay in F1, rejecting the option of moving overseas in a series. Interestingly, in the first test day best lap Senna was better indicator Fittipaldi half a second.

On the YouTube profile of the journalist/correspondent Marshall Pruett, speaking as one of the founders of the film was published the documentary “SENNA: The Test” the tests dedicated to Ayrton in IndyCar. The film consists mainly of memories of witnesses of tests. In the picture also present archival footage of Senna test driving a Penske PC-21.

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