The FIA has banned the system of interaction between suspension and steering

FIA запретила систему взаимодействия подвески и рулевого управления

The FIA has closed the loophole in the technical regulations of Formula 1, forbidding a clever system of interaction between suspension and steering.

The controversial decision was discussed at a technical meeting in London. But the opinion of the teams differed in effectiveness. Referring to the paragraph in the regulations prohibiting the influence on the aerodynamics of the car, with FIA 2018 restricted the height change of the suspension when the wheel movement up to 5 mm.

“During the season it became obvious that some teams develop systems of interaction between suspension and steering to change the height of the front of the machine, – quotes the statement of Whiting F1i. – Although when the wheel is some changes in elevation are unavoidable, we suspect that on some machines the effect is too large to consider it accidental.

We also believe that any unexpected change in suspension height, the likely effect on the aerodynamic characteristics of the car”.

Thus, in the offseason teams will have to compulsorily amend the draft 2018 to meet the new requirements.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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