Sean Bratches: Liberty Media is working 24/7 to improve F1

Шон Братчес: Liberty Media работает в режиме 24/7, чтобы улучшить Ф1

Commercial Director of Liberty Media Sean Bratches said that the F1 leadership is doing everything possible to improve the quality of sport, but it is not going to rush into making decisions.

Martin Brundle In Liberty Media needs to act decisively to change F1 for the better

“We are working hard. When we have something to announce, we’ll let you know, – quotes Bratches – I can assure you that we are working 24/7 to improve F1.

If we talk about Commerce, we first run a responsive web platform, social opportunities, as well as OTT services in real time, and recording (methods of providing video services over the Internet). But now we are not just going to sit and count all our ideas about sports”.

Moreover, the publication also reports that a few weeks before Christmas, Liberty Media sent all teams a multi-page document about their plans in F1. This is the starting point for discussions on the future direction of development of Large Prizes.

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