Ross brown: In the near future in Formula 1 will not be exact motors

Росс Браун: В ближайшем будущем в Формуле 1 точно не будет электромоторов

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn hinted that in the near future “Large prizes” are not going to follow the trend of switching to electric cars, Formula E.

As recently stated by British businessman Richard Branson, in ten years electric racing series will surpass F1 in popularity due to the use of eco-friendly engines. But, according to brown, while the “Royal races” such technology is not required.

Richard Branson: ten years of Formula E ahead of F1 in popularity

“In the short term, this won’t happen, – quotes the brown edition F1i. We all remember the unique sound of the old engines, which had to cover my ears. Under the current hybrid power plants you can safely talk. The transition to the noiseless electric motor, as in Formula E, will be a shock.

In the longer term, everything will depend on the development of the global automotive industry. If in the next ten years electric cars will become the main means of transportation, the sport will have to follow this trend. Now Formula E is a laboratory for the development of batteries and power units. F1 is first and foremost a show, and in the foreseeable future, we must concentrate on this aspect”.

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