Onion, Baldisserri: Michael Schumacher took Ferrari’s hand and led her to victory

Лука Балдиссерри: Михаэль Шумахер взял Ferrari за руку и привел ее к победам

On the anniversary of the accident that occurred with Michael Schumacher in 2013, the former chief engineer of Ferrari Luca, Baldisserri told what was unique German pilot.

Four years ago, had an accident with Michael Schumacher in the Alps

Recall that with Ferrari, Schumacher won five League titles in a row (2000 to 2004).

“You could say that he took the team by the hand and led her on a winning path. Thanks to him, Ferrari would be making sense, said Baldisserri in comments to La Gazzetta dello Sport. – No one knew how to unite the team, as did Michael.

The most significant moment for me was winning the championship title 2000 at Suzuka. It was the first Ferrari championship in 21 years”.

From the moment Luka had a chance to work with Mick Schumacher. Baldisserri, recalls: “It was an emotional moment. Mick is very similar to his father, and several times I even called him Michael on the radio.

As for the talk about the state of his father, I always held back, although the temptation was great. I spoke with Mick about Michael only when he wanted to know how a particular situation was the reaction of his father.”

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