Nigel Mansell’s Career, Alonso has stalled, but it’s not his fault

Найджел Мэнселл: Карьера Алонсо застопорилась, но в этом нет его вины

The world champion 1992 Nigel Mansell believes that Fernando Alonso is not to blame for that cannot go to a team that would give him a car capable of winning.

Many experts agree that in the course of his career, the Spaniard took not the best decisions about their future, which failed to win more League titles.

Alguersuari Sr. Alonso need to look for the cause of their problems themselves

However, Nigel does not share this view.

“Alonso has incredible talent. This is a great world champion. Yes, his career has now stalled, however, his guilt in this, – quotes the words of Mansell’s F1 Racing magazine. Is a fantastic racer.

I hope McLaren with Renault will construct for him a strong car with which he could once again fight for the highest places. I believe Fernando can win many more titles”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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