Max Chilton on F1: When between the first and the last four seconds of difference – it is not a sport

Макс Чилтон о Ф1: Когда между первой и последней машинами четыре секунды разницы – это уже не спорт

Ex-pilot Marussia Max Chilton believes that the huge lag is the worst machine from the best negatively affects the competitiveness of the peloton, that is destroying Formula 1.

26-year-old Briton believes that IndyCar offers fans more exciting racing than F1.

“The problem with Formula 1 is that the first car separates from the last four seconds, and this is not a sport – Chilton said in an interview with the Daily Mail. – Sport should embody a competition more or less equal teams.

Of course, we can say that motor racing will never be equal. It’s really impossible. On the other hand, in the next season IndyCar will be similar to a series of one manufacturer. Everyone will have the same aerodynamics, and the difference in power will be negligible, which will further intensify competition on the track”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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