Maurizio Arrivabene: to allow the free use of DRS

Маурицио Арривабене: Нужно разрешить свободное использование DRS

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene has suggested to refuse the DRS zones on the tracks of Formula 1 and to allow to use the system of movable rear wing on any parts.

According to the Italian, this will solve the problem with lack of overtaking on the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi this year.

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“There are many proposals on how to improve the entertainment races, – quotes the words Arrivabene the Italian edition Motorionline. – Take, for example, Abu Dhabi. All pilots agree that this is one of the most boring tracks on the calendar, because there’s no opportunity for overtaking.

In order to solve such problems, you can allow free to use DRS. This will allow more racers to show their talent and courage that will positively affect entertainment”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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