Marchione: Ferrari is able to convince other teams to create an alternative championship

Маркионе: Ferrari способна убедить другие команды создать альтернативный чемпионат

At the annual pre-Christmas ceremony in Maranello CEO of Fiat Chrysler and Ferrari President Sergio Marchione has threatened Liberty Media the creation of an alternative championship.

Sergio Marchione: Alfa Romeo will leave the Formula 1 with Ferrari

“The new F1 management has a credit of trust, – quotes the words Marchione La Gazzetta dello Sport. – I think they still suffer the F1 and learn.

Worries me is the fact that such an experienced functionary as Ross Brawn wants to change the DNA of F1. We are not interested in Formula 1 turned into a series of NASCAR where all the cars simple and identical, and the engines are very cheap.

The real problem is that F1 is not enough overtaking and exciting racing. I hope that in the future we will be able to develop rules that will satisfy all participants.

Honeymoon F1 and Liberty Media held. And then a family…

Otherwise, Ferrari will leave the championship, they are playing with fire if you think we’re bluffing. When the time comes to discuss a new contract with Liberty, we will have the opportunity to leave. I believe that Ferrari is able to convince the other teams to organize an alternative championship”.

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