Lewis Hamilton Becoming a vegetarian, I began to experience an aversion to meat

Льюис Хэмилтон: Став вегетарианцем, я начал испытывать отвращение к мясу

Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has told about how it got to the point that he became a vegetarian.

Such an unexpected statement, the British racer did back in September of this year. He admits that he now feels much better than before.

“It all started with the fact that my friends are vegetarians told me about the consequences, that I had not even imagined. It has seriously changed my Outlook on eating meat. Gradually I started to change diet. Two and a half years ago, I refused some meat, and at the beginning of this year I stopped eating chicken, said Hamilton in an interview with the BBC. – I always had energy, but now I became even more energetic. I just feel lighter.

It is difficult to stay on a diet. But I absolutely do not feel the temptation. Honestly, it is a little strange. The other day I had dinner with friends. They ordered meat, and I’m looking at their dish, disgusted. Though I adored meat. Now I eat salads, lots of bread, pancakes. It changes your life. And now I feel better than ever.”

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