Lewis Hamilton about Baku: I was beside myself when people justify Vettel

Льюис Хэмилтон о Баку: Я был вне себя, когда люди оправдывали Феттеля

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton admitted that he was not so much angry act of Sebastian Vettel at the Grand Prix in Baku as the reaction of those who said that the Germans did it’s not on purpose.

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“I think the worst in this whole situation was that the individual with whom I spoke after the race in Baku, said that Vettel didn’t do it on purpose,’ said Hamilton’s comments to Sky Sports. – I answered them: “do you realize that we both compete for the pinnacle of Motorsport and we know how to drive in a straight line?”

This, incidentally, said a senior stewards, and then they said, “Well, yeah, maybe you’re right.” And I answered: “And what race did you watch?””.

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