“Keep Fighting” for a year helps people not to lose hope and faith in their own strength

«Keep Fighting» уже год помогает людям не терять надежду и веру в собственные силы

Family sevenfold champion of F1 Michael Schumacher marks the anniversary since the founding of the charity initiative “Keep Fighting”, by which she not only thanked all the fans of Michael, but also inspires people who are facing serious difficulties, not to lose hope and faith in their own strength.

“Big things start with small steps, just as many little pieces to create a giant mosaic. Joint forces provide the movement of the “Keep Fighting” energy to help and inspire people,” says the official website of the organization.

The son of legendary pilot Mick Schumacher said in his Twitter: “Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the initiative “Keep Fighting. At this point she is already registered as a charity. Thank you to everyone who supports us and inspires others not to give up.”

Noted the anniversary of the creation of the organization and current world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“Michael, for me it was a great honor to be compared to your record by quantity of the won the pole position in Belgium. I pray constantly for you and your family,” wrote Hamilton on Twitter.

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