“Guide to Russia, canned food, and a pink beret”. Formula 1 drivers played “Secret Santa”

«Путеводитель по России, консервы и розовый берет». Гонщики Формулы 1 сыграли в «Тайного Санту»

During the final stage of the season in Abu Dhabi, the organizers of Formula 1 decided to take advantage of the last opportunity of the presence of all riders in one place in 2017 and to have a game of “Secret Santa” among racers, since the season ends a month before the Christmas and New year. Now the official site has unveiled a video of what happened…

The essence of the game Secret Santa is an anonymous gift exchange. So racers could only guess.

The first gift took the four-time and reigning world champion, who is one of my colleagues has presented a Christmas outfit for one of his dogs.

“What is it? – did not realize Lewis. – Maybe it’s for dogs? Similarly, for dogs”.

Another gift was a dog bowl. As it turned out, a gift to the dogs of Hamilton did Carlos Sainz.

The driver of Renault has got a Desk set with the inscription “I love London” and a biography of Muhammad Ali from Kevin Magnussen.

“It really gave Kevin [Magnussen]? How does he know that I live in London and are a fan of Muhammad Ali?” asked the Spaniard.

Kevin Magnussen in the got as a gift…guide to Russia!

“Team Denmark will take part in the world Cup. Now I know more about Russia,” said Haas racer.

One of the most strange and useless gifts went to the retiree Felipe Massa.

“Slippers, the instruction to be retired,’ said the Brazilian, printing was a gift from Lewis Hamilton, which also turned out to be a Smoking pipe. Now I’m totally prepared for retirement”.

«Путеводитель по России, консервы и розовый берет». Гонщики Формулы 1 сыграли в «Тайного Санту»

Rookie Toro Rosso Brendon Hartley got a recipe book written by Romain Grosjean and his wife Marion French.

Two riders got the same gift. Stoffel Vandorn became to be original and being a native of Belgium, gave Romain Grosjean to the waffle iron, really happy.

“Awesome, Stoffel, awesome, thanks!” exclaimed Romaine.

Very Vandorn this gift came from lance Stroll.

“Well, of course, it’s a waffle iron, – stated the Belgian. Yes, I’m from Belgium, but I don’t like waffles”.

One of the youngest racers in the Formula 1 Stroll got two toy monkeys and a banana.

“This is from Esteban window – guessed canadian. – It was an old joke of our engineers, who called us monkeys”

The Windows being racer Force India, the car which are painted in pink color, got a hat in the form of the pink Panther from Pascal Wehrlein.

“Very cool! Very cool!” commented the Frenchman.

The wehrlein, in turn, went to the hockey table.

“Oh, cool! Looks like someone wants to marry me, – joked Pascal, printing a small box. And, it’s the batteries, not the ring! Sure, it was a gift from Valtteri Bottas, because he’s a fan of hockey.”

Perhaps Bottas was sad when it was time to gift for him… because it was Bank c canned!

“It doesn’t look very promising. Look inside… it looks Like cat food. I had a cat, but now he lives with my parents. Who gave it? Max [Verstappen]? No idea how he found out that I had a cat,” said Finn and threw the gift in the trash.

«Путеводитель по России, консервы и розовый берет». Гонщики Формулы 1 сыграли в «Тайного Санту»

The racers Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Daniel ricciardo came over with gifts from colleagues together.

“Oh, it’s from Fernando,” commented Max, getting a cap with the logo of the brand Kimoa, which belongs to Fernando Alonso.

“Well, a little free publicity,’ said Daniel, at the same time unpacking a gift from Brendon Hartley. Oh, The Pasta! Made in Italy! But this man should know that I never cook!”

I wonder what ricciardo as a team mate, did not bother with a gift for colleagues and sent Fernando Alonso wear.

“Considering what a fun gift, I guess it’s from Ricardo, – guessed the Spaniard. – I don’t think he spent a lot of time to think”.

Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson got a big beautiful box, which turned out to be Italian cookies from Pierre went Out.

“But why did he not gave anything French?” asked the Swede, which sent the rookie Formula 1 cap in the form of a Viking helmet and candy.

And, finally, completed the exchange of gifts former team-mate at Force India Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg. The Mexican received a pink clock and a mug and the German pink beret!

“Thank You, Cheko! But I am not going to wear. Why? Not my style,” said the German and, without hesitation, threw out a gift.

I wonder what part in “Secret Santa” has taken only racers Ferrari Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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