Alain Prost: My team did not receive any support from Peugeot

Ален Прост: Моя команда не получала никакой поддержки от Peugeot

Four-time world champion of Formula 1 Alain Prost shared his experience about the problems faced during the leadership team.

For five seasons from 1997 to 2001, Professor led his own team, based on a Ligier. The team has not achieved great success and before the start of the season in 2002 ceased to exist.

“I learned a lot over the years of the project. But I can’t say that for me everything was new – said Simple in an interview with Motorsport-Magazine. – I knew how to manage a team, and to be honest, I don’t think made a lot of mistakes. I had a budget of $ 40 million dollars, 30 million of which had to pay for the engines, and then, in 2001, the crisis came. For comparison, the budget of Toyota, who came to Formula 1 next season, was ten times higher. I couldn’t invite to the team, which wanted to work, because they were demanding three to four times more money than we could pay.

In addition, the team was based in France, where high social security cost. One of the biggest problems was that we did not receive absolutely no support from Peugeot. This year we used 40 for the engines.

Maybe sometimes I was doing something wrong. But mistakes is normal, this is life Formula 1 team. The main issue was the policy. I was very angry and upset is written in the media, especially the understanding that this written-to-order. Around the team there was too much politics. But this experience taught me a lot”.

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