Ross brown: If the mechanics don’t like our vision, let him offer a better

Росс Браун: Если мотористам не нравится наша концепция, пусть предложат лучше

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn admitted that he was very surprised by the criticism of the new concept of the engine from several manufacturers.

At the end of October at the meeting with the participation of the FIA, the commercial rights owners and teams in Paris, he presented the details of the new regulations on the motors, which should come into effect after 2020. However, the very next day the concept was heavily criticized, and Ferrari was so unhappy that he even threatened to leave Formula 1.

New concept motor: Mercedes counts the money, Ferrari threatens care, Honda silent…

“Honestly, I was shocked. Perhaps we should introduce the concept from a slightly different angle. If the problem was in the interpretation, then I apologize. But let’s not ignore what we are trying to do, – quotes the brown edition F1i. – I agree that the engines of Ferrari and Mercedes needs to maintain its uniqueness. Manufacturers have to be able to say: “This is our engine.” I don’t think we crossed that line. We put forward the proposal, which now need to be discussed, to understand that like the producers and what not.

If they are willing to offer more easiest and cheapest option that will appeal to fans and attract new suppliers, then why not to consider?

We are not fixated on one particular solution, but we believe that thanks to the experience and effort was able to develop an effective concept. If someone has another good suggestion, we are not going to say “no”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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