Patrick head, Williams wants to know whether Kubica to return to Formula 1

Патрик Хэд: Williams хочет понять, способен ли Кубица вернуться в Формулу 1

Former technical Director of Williams Patrick head believes that the team from grove you need to understand a few issues before you sign a contract with Robert Kubica.

Pole is the main candidate for the place of Felipe Massa next season, but his physical condition remains a matter of some doubt.

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“Before the terrible accident at the rally Robert was one of the most promising riders of his generation, – said the head live on Sky Sports F1. – As I understand it, the main question is whether he is ready to return to Formula 1. As far as he wants? Will he be able to physically perform at all types of tracks? It is clear that the consequences of injury to the right arm is very serious, and the team wants to get answers to all these questions.

If Kubica really everything will be fine physically, he will be a good choice for Williams.

Jacques Villeneuve: Strollo need a slow teammate

I heard in an interview, lance Stroll to the question about who he would like to see as his teammate, jokingly called the name of Lewis Hamilton. But every rider needs a good reference point to truly assess their abilities, and the main landmark is always a teammate. I think lance needs a strong partner”.

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