Max Verstappen Daniel Riccardo is a very bad manner…

Макс Ферстаппен: У Даниэля Риккардо есть одна очень дурная манера...

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen spoke about the bad manners of his teammate Daniel ricciardo.

When the official press conference FIA in Abu Dhabi, max asked how ricciardo will affect him, the Dutchman said: “It affects me very badly.

He continues to spoil the air. This horrible smell is always in the motorhome…

But seriously, Daniel is a great guy. On the track we always try to beat each other, but outside of racing cars, we can have a great laugh together.

We respect each other. Honestly, I have never experienced such in the racing world. It’s great that I have such good and funny teammate. I hope we will long defend the colors of the team.”

Recall that in the overall standings of the season ricciardo in the asset 200 points, while Verstappen – 158 credit points. However, in 2017 and Max won race two, and Daniel is only one.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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