Max Verstappen At the Red Bull do not have enough spare parts for the engine

Макс Ферстаппен: У Red Bull действительно не хватает запчастей для двигателя

Max Verstappen has confirmed that the final stage of the season-2017 in Abu Dhabi, the team Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, will depart with a minimum number of parts of the power plant.

Both teams Austrian concern have reached the limit of the parts, while to release a new batch of engineers in Viry-Chatillon not going to.

Toro Rosso may miss the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

“We have a very limited number of parts, said Verstappen live Ziggo Sport. – The fact that Renault has focused on preparing for next season. But so many details were planned for the season, and if not to produce additional spare parts during the year, in the end, it may turn out that way.

Of course, the management team discussed this situation with Renault. But they explained that they can’t produce more content, and Red Bull took their arguments. Just during the season we had more damage than expected.

We will try to avoid problems in Abu Dhabi, but I want to make the maximum power of the engine. In the end, it’s the last race of the season. If you have a chance to win, then of course they will have to use it”.

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