Lewis Hamilton In this configuration, Yas Marina is one of the worst tracks for overtaking

Льюис Хэмилтон: В этой конфигурации Яс-Марина – одна их худших трасс для обгонов

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton believes that the current configuration of track Yas Marina does not allow riders to race each other.

Lewis throughout the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi was placed near a teammate, Valtteri Bottas, but never got the opportunity to attack.

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“Yes, you get a small slipstream on the straights, but as soon as we reach the third sector… – quotes AUTOSPORT.com Hamilton. – It’s a great track, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for these machines.

In the last sector fails even to keep up with the car in front. In regard to overtaking it’s one of their worst tracks, because you need to be 1.4 seconds faster than the other vehicle to make the maneuver.

I was chasing Valtteri on an identical machine, so to overtake him was impossible. I’d have a chance only if he made a serious mistake, but even that would not guarantee overtaking because of the broad asphalt security zones”.

Льюис Хэмилтон: В этой конфигурации Яс-Марина – одна их худших трасс для обгонов

The winner of the race, Bottas also admitted that the track helped him to keep behind Lewis.

“I knew that the third sector had an advantage, as it is very difficult to follow another car. I knew Lewis would be difficult to get to me in the third sector, allowing to monitor the progress of the race. Everyone knows that in Abu Dhabi difficult to overtake,” stated Valtteri”.

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