Jean Todt Someone even offered to leave one motor for the season

Жан Тодт: Кто-то вообще предложил оставить один мотор на сезон

The FIA President Jean Todt said that the team themselves have supported the introduction of the current system of penalties for changing engines and the reduction of units available for the season 2018 from four to three.

“I will say this: the decision to punish the racers for the engine replacement was common, – quotes the Todt ESPN F1. – Here you ask about three engines for the season. But some even offered to leave one engine!

Eric boullier: Three engines for a season in 2018? This is too much!

Nothing new in this decision I do not see. A few years ago we agreed on the rules for 2018. To abandon them and leave four engines for the season, required unanimous consent, which was not. So next year will be three engine.

I want to clarify: I don’t like to read that one team had a hundred penalty positions in a season, and some – none. But success in Formula 1 depends on many factors and the ability to put them together.

F1 is too expensive. Between the top teams and the rest very big difference. In order to reduce costs it was decided to reduce the number of engines for the season and to reduce the cost of delivery of parts to private teams.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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