Jean Todt: “Halo” will be implemented and will remain, with no way back!

Жан Тодт:  «Ореол» будет внедрен и останется, назад пути нет!

The FIA President Jean Todt categorically denied the possibility of failure of the introduction of “halo” in Formula 1 in 2018.

During the race weekend in Abu Dhabi it became clear that the driver is unable to meet the standard when leaving the cockpit with the established structure, and its weight adds problems to the engineers and heavy pilots. But Todt has remained resolute.

“No way back, – said Todt in an interview with Speed Week. “Halo” will be introduced and will remain. Why? Because this system has incredible value for safety.

I wonder what they say in the media. “Halo” is just a natural part of the continuous development of Formula 1. Of course, this is not a final decision. If we find the concept better, then implement it.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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