Frederic Vasseur: the Decision on the part of pilots will be made next week

Фредерик Вассёр: Решение по составу пилотов будет принято на следующей неделе

Head Sauber Frederick Wasser has made it clear that in the days of the race weekend in Abu Dhabi the official statement on the composition of the pilots will not.

The Swiss team remains the only one who has not yet identified any of the drivers for the season from 2018. Two weeks ago at the Grand Prix of Brazil Vasser said that the announcement will be made in Abu Dhabi, but now recognized that this was too optimistic forecast.

Frederic Vasseur: I Hope we will announce the pilots of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

“It’s a matter of days – Vasser quoted by AUTOSPORT. – I don’t think the news will appear in the coming weekend – probably next week.

I understand that you [the journalists] and the racers want to know the solution as soon as possible. But for us it is not the main issue. Along with the selection of pilots, and the team has other topics to discuss”.

They say that simultaneously with the confirmation of the composition of the pilots Sauber announced the rebranding of the Ferrari engine, which in 2018 will use under the brand Alfa Romeo.

“It may be subject to negotiations, but while this question is not discussed,” said Vasser.

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