Ferrari foiled the plans of Red Bull Racing change the rules on the motors

Ferrari сорвала планы Red Bull Racing по изменению регламента на моторы

The Ferrari team have ruined the attempt by Red Bull to make changes to the regulations on the engines for the 2018 season.

Lewis Hamilton Only three motors for the season-2018? It sucks! reports that at the meeting of the Strategic group on the eve of the Grand Prix of Brazil head of the RBR Christian Horner proposed to keep the limit on the use of four power plants next year, despite the fact that the regulation provides for a reduction in their number to three in the season of 2018.

But Ferrari have made it clear that they will vote against the proposal. In the Scuderia is motivated by the fact that the team has already spent too much time and resources to make the engines more durable and reliable, just under the planned regulations.

After Ferrari showed their position, the question was settled, because in order to change the regulations, requires the consent of all teams.

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