Ferrari did not understand the explanations McLaren about the need to abandon the “shark fin”

В Ferrari не поняли объяснений McLaren о необходимости отказа от «акульего плавника»

Executive Director of McLaren Zack brown explained why the team is interested in abandoning the use of “shark’s fin” in 2018.

The team from Woking is the only one who opposed the abolition of the ban aerodynamic design such as fins and T-shaped wing. Given that it requires unanimity, the other participants were dissatisfied with the position of McLaren.

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“In the broadcast rear wing is one of the most visible parts of the machine. But shark fin is so high that it completely obscures. Yes, it is possible to place a number of pilot, but still rear wing fin is more valuable in commercial terms, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – At the meetings of the Strategic group when making decisions we are in 90% of cases considered the technical component and for some reason do not pay attention to the commercial implications”.

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene, this explanation is not too much.

“I wonder: Zac brown says “fin” closes the rear wing and at the same time says it wants to get more free advertising space. But it removes the “fin” and loses therefore, additional space for sponsorship logos. But still have to look for a place on the rear fender to accommodate a number of riders. Something here doesn’t add up,” said Arrivabene.

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