The new owners of F1 are not in a hurry with the transition to the new format of broadcasting

Новые владельцы Ф1 не торопятся с переходом на новый формат трансляций

Executive Director of the Formula 1 chase Carey said that Liberty Media has not yet determined the format of the broadcasts in the future.

Currently the new owners are studying the possibility of launching a digital subscription to view racing technology Over the Top (OTT). But, as Cary notes, it is important to find a balance so as not to lose coverage.

The successes and failures of Liberty Media in the first half of the season-2017

“Potentially we have three or four TV platform: free, paid, digital and OTT. To some extent, our goals contradict each other – quoted Cary F1i. – Probably, the economic component increases with the application of new technologies, but the audience reach while falling.

The main thing for us long term, not short-term popularity. So I think we need to balance audience reach and directly of economic value. Obviously, for our sponsors, the participation of fans is very important.

If you aim to make sport more attractive, then you need to see it as a long-term project, when there is a balance between coverage and economy, and not only strive to get the highest profit.

Now there are more digital platforms. But I don’t think the transition will happen quickly, because people find it difficult to get rid of what they used to. So you need time.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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