Statistics against Kvyat: comparison of the performances of the pilots Toro Rosso

Статистика против Квята: сравнение выступлений пилотов Toro Rosso

Samart canal for the blog of James Allen compared the performances of Toro Rosso drivers Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz among themselves to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the pilots.

“Of course, Kvyat was difficult to return to Toro Rosso, but with the Grand Prix of Spain he earned only six points – the same as Pascal Wehrlein. During the same period of the current pilots F1 worse figure only Jolyon Palmer.

On paper it looks bad, but sometimes Kvyat shows his potential. After a bad qualification in Spain, he broke the tenth from the last row. He also earned points in the Grand Prix of Australia, and qualification statistics are on a par with the Science proves that he can compete with the Spaniard for short periods. The situation is slightly worse for long.

Статистика против Квята: сравнение выступлений пилотов Toro Rosso

As for science, he is impressive this season, however, this does not give the desired impetus for Kvyat. The best result of the Spaniard was the finish in sixth place in Monaco. Plus all seven races that he finished, he was able to go in the top 10, and seventh place in China proved that he can act better than a car.

Clash in Montreal on the first lap with Romain Grosjean a little spoiled the experience, but mostly the season for the Spaniard perfectly. If Kvyat will be able to perform well in the race as in qualifying, Toro Rosso can claim fifth place in the constructors ‘ championship.

Some statistics

In the third car in terms of reliability since the end of Kvyat and Sainz has done an incredible job, having obtained 39 points and holding the sixth place in the table.

In 2017 the Toro Rosso drove only 1049 laps 41 and 121 more than the McLaren and Red Bull Racing respectively.

However, it is not always Toro Rosso could not finish due to reliability issues. At Silverstone both drivers collided with each other in Canada enraged Kvyat came down due to problems with the wrench (after the penalty travel on the pit lane ten seconds penalty for incorrect position on the starting grid). Sainz also came after the aforementioned collision, which did not like any of the peloton.

Despite the retirements Sainz spent 338 laps – more than Felipe Massa and nine less than max Verstappen in the points. His average finishing position of 7.6, but for the race it plays 2.7.

Статистика против Квята: сравнение выступлений пилотов Toro Rosso

Quat also is not fairing as well, although on account of his 85 laps more. His average in the race is 12.3. Daniel was ahead of Carlos 49 laps, while Carlos Daniel – 338.

Kvyat and Sainz are equal only in qualifying five to six with a slight advantage for the Spaniard. The arithmetic average of the starting positions Sainz – 11, quata – 12. However, for long stretches so you can see the difference between the pilots Toro Rosso.

In 2016, by that time the team scored 45 points, while in 2015 – 35.

In 2017 from 39 points team 35 on account of science – this was his best rate in his career (2016: 30 after 11 races, 2015: nine after 11 races). It remains to add Kvyat.

No one disputes the talent of the Russians, who regularly earned points in the Red Bull, but the tension builds in the conditions when the team is struggling with Williams, and the science is clearly doing its job better.”

Статистика против Квята: сравнение выступлений пилотов Toro Rosso

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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