Sebastian Vettel Before the weekend I thought that there was no time for contract renewal

Себастьян Феттель: Перед началом уик-энда думал, что еще не время для продления контракта

Before the racing weekend at Spa championship leader Sebastian Vettel has warned the journalists that in the next two weeks, don’t expect news on his new contract. However, on Saturday, between final practice and qualifying, Ferrari has announced about prolongation of the contract with the Germans until 2020.

“I thought the time had not yet come, and didn’t want to force things, but we pretty quickly settled it and made a statement. Understand that it is not very nice to first say one thing and in a couple of days more, but that’s the situation, explained Vettel at a press conference on Saturday. – When he signed a new contract? This weekend”.

On Saturday evening, Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff has categorically denied the fact of negotiations with Vettel, and the German confirmed that as such negotiations were not.

“I have long been speaking in Formula 1, and I have many friends in the paddock. Of course, we talked about such a possibility, but it was nothing more than just conversation, I led the negotiations with Ferrari. Of course, I was going to stay in, since we have not yet reached the goal. I want to win the championship behind the wheel of a red car, commented Sebastian. – Michael Schumacher most of his career spent in the red and this team won most of their titles.

But I don’t want to just follow in his footsteps. All the current generation of employees Ferrari wants to contribute to the story. But, of course, Schumacher is an example of inspiration for all of us. So now my biggest dream is to win with Ferrari”.

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