Ross brown: the Hybrid engine can be loud

Росс Браун: Гибридный двигатель может звучать громко

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn is confident that the return of the loud sound of the engines is possible without a return to naturally-aspirated V8. According to Briton, this must take account of manufacturers in discussions on the new regulations, due to come into effect after 2020.

The transition to the new engines could take place in 2020

“Many fans call for a return to normal atmospheric engines, but let us ask ourselves the question: “Why?” – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. Because louder sound and high revs create more emotion. Can we make a hybrid engine?

Manufacturers present in the championship, you know that this is a key factor. They need a attractive F1, since it makes no sense to demonstrate the technology, if nobody is watching. The necessary balance that allows you to attract the attention of the fans.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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