Robert Kubica: If it turned out in Hungary, you get everywhere

Роберт Кубица: Если получилось в Венгрии, получится везде

Robert Kubica is confident after testing F1 in Hungary that will be able to cope with any track bigger Prizes.

Robert Kubica was fourth after the tests in Hungary, the leader Vettel

“We know that Hungary is a difficult track from a physical point of view, Nico said the same thing – said Kubica. – If it happened, it happens on all other routes.

It was difficult for me, however, the majority of riders, I think, had the same problem. Do not hide, it was hard and nice at the same time. We drove more than 140 laps, so I can conclude that I have a high level of physical fitness. Some things need to work, but that’s okay.

If someone said three months ago that I would go 140 laps behind the wheel of a F1 car, I’d be happy, but the place you start to think about the result, I would like to work as well”.

Robert Kubica and others… newcomers to the Formula 1 test in Hungary

Kubica said about his health: “I Have nothing hurts, but I’m tired because of the intense heat. In eight hours I have just ten minutes out of the cockpit and in the garage, the car is very hot”.

Renault changed a few things on the wheel, so that Robert was easier to manage in connection with their condition.

“One detail made specially for me,’ continued Robert. Something changed on the petal shifter, but other teams do it too – on the simulator I faced. Right under me strongly did not change anything, but the last couple of days we have adapted the positions of the buttons on the steering wheel. Those that use often, were installed in the vicinity of, and those that rarely, if ever, in the more remote places. Everything else was the same.”

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