Pascal Wehrlein Now Mercedes will lead the youth through GP3 and F2 and not using DTM

Паскаль Верляйн: Теперь Mercedes будет вести молодёжь через GP3 и Ф2, а не через DTM

Pascal Wehrlein believes that the departure of the Mercedes from the German touring car championship DTM at the end of 2018 will lead to the fact that the leadership of Motorsport will reconsider the program of support of young pilots and their intake in Formula 1.

“Being in the program Mercedes, you have a chance to enter F1, – quotes Motorsport Wehrlein Week. – Of course, getting through the DTM looks unusual. Formula 4, Formula 3, GP3, Formula 2 – a more traditional way. But personally in my case to switch to GP2 is not enough budget in the amount of 1.5 million, so after F3 there was a dilemma where to go next. The only option was the DTM series, where there was no need to spend crazy money, and I was very glad for this opportunity. I knew that if I play well and win, you still get a chance in F1. Fortunately, I became a champion and compete in Formula 1, although, of course, without the support of Mercedes, this would be impossible.

After retiring from DTM, they, most likely, will try to lead his juniors through F3, GP3 and F2, but not in bypass”.

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