Mika Hakkinen Little contact at the end of the race was not for Schumacher’s any difference

Мика Хаккинен: Маленький контакт в конце гонки не имел для Шумахера никакого значения

Two-time world champion of Formula 1 Mika Hakkinen told, what he talked about with Michael Schumacher after a memorable race in Spa-2000.

At the end of the race, the Finn made one of the best maneuvers in the history, ahead of Ferrari pilot when overtaking circular, Ricardo Umbrellas. For a few laps before Schumacher firmly repulsed the first attack, forcing his opponent on the grass, which, of course, did not like the Hakkinen.

“Of course, after the race I approached him and said, “you can’t push an opponent to the sidelines at a speed of 300 km/h, it’s a big risk. Turn on your head”. He leaned over, looked at me and said, “What did I do wrong?” – said Hakkinen in an interview with Unibet. Michael apologized and admitted that was too aggressive. But that was his style of piloting.

If this had happened in a slow turn, then I would have understood, as he used similar tricks on the track. But the flight on the grass at 300 km/h is fraught with serious consequences – the ground clearance of a Formula 1 car is so small that when hitting even the smallest bump you can fly. I wanted to think.

He knew that the struggle was hard. Nothing happened, we both finished. But I’m sure if my place was someone else, then all would have ended up with a torn front fender, – said Mick. – Schumacher was adamant. No matter what, he never gave up. He knew that the race ends with the checkered flag. I have always respected him for that quality.

When it comes to fighting wheel to wheel and had to defend the position, Michael has acted on edge. If in the middle of the race, he tried to leave a small gap between themselves and the opponent, in the last laps of the little contact had for him no value”.

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