Lewis Hamilton: I was ahead of Vettel after the restart due to the error

Льюис Хэмилтон: Я опередил Феттеля после рестарта благодаря ошибке

Lewis Hamilton has told, that error had helped him to get ahead of Sebastian Vettel after the restart of the British Grand Prix.

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Lewis chose the wrong mode of the motor, because of what Vettel nearly caught up with him at La Source hairpin and it ruined the attack of the Ferrari driver in the “red water”.

“I had a good restart on the straight and caught it the same as restart in Baku, said Hamilton. – I lost them, but my engine was in the wrong mode, because of what he started me to catch up.

At first glance it seems that this is a bug, but it helped me a lot: if at the end of the last turn we had a gap, he would be able to get into slipstream and pass me.”

Hamilton admitted that he pressed on the gas not at full strength to fend of Vettel closer.

“In the first turn I had cold tires, which I’m a little blocked wheels – continued Lewis. – I heard that he presses on the gas, but on the straight I’m only 90 percent went “pedal to the floor”. I knew that it would not pass, since I get back the position, taking advantage of the slipstream. As we approached the “red water” I got involved to the maximum. In the end, he didn’t have the space to come forward, so he only caught up with me. Cool battle, but I was glad to go first in the fifth turn.

After that, nine or ten laps I spent in the qualifying mode, trying to increase the gap as he was faster rubber, he was too fast, so I had to drive a few perfect laps to stay ahead”.

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