In Paul-Ricard explained the reason for the separation of the Mistral straight Chicane

В Поль-Рикаре объяснили причину разделения прямой Mistral шиканой

The organizers of the Grand Prix of France explained the reason why it was decided to split the Chicane 1.8-mile-long Mistral straight on the track Paul Ricard, which next season will return to the F1 calendar for the first time since 1990.

“The FIA did some research, the results of which came to the conclusion that even before the Chicane, the speed will reach 343 km/h. it Was decided to avoid the engines to the limit during all 1.8 kilometers, – said the managing Director of the Grand Prix of France Gilles Duane in an interview with AUTOSPORT. We also wanted to obtain additional space for overtaking. We will have three direct areas hard braking before the first and eighth turn, and the turn Signes will be held at full throttle.

During the race weekend in Austria we showed a new configuration of the track, several racers, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. They liked it and they said that due to the Chicane in the race will be able to overtake without DRS.

In the rest of the track will change slightly. A few months ago, the FIA has inspected and asked to change the curbs. We do this in the winter. Our circuit has long required a license, so that major adjustments will not happen. The most important thing is to prepare the rostrum”.

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