Gunther Steiner Magnussen and Hulkenberg without a public hug

Гюнтер Штайнер: Магнуссен и Хюлькенберг обойдутся без публичных обнимашек

Director Haas Gunther Steiner said that neither he nor the riders do not intend to discuss the conflict after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Recall that after the Hungarian Grand Prix Dane had nasty German live, after which the incident was discussed.

“The news is outdated, no one wants to listen to junk, said Steiner. Is no more sense to discuss, but Nico with Kevin not necessary to arrange a public hug. We have our own opinions, he (Nico). No conflict no more. I see no reason to start a fuss like “and he said, she said”. It’s time to move on.”

As for the riders, they also do not want to engage in further argument.

“We have every vision, we voiced it to each other, – said Niko. Is life, it happens. I have nothing more to say.

After the race people often react too emotionally. Then I felt that I should have to share their emotions.”

Magnussen added: “I rarely complain riders. I think he just wanted to get in the frame.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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