FIA: head Protection appear not only in Formula 1

FIA: Защита головы появится не только в Формуле 1

Deputy race Director of the FIA Laurent Mekis made clear that the FIA is not going to stop the introduction of “halo” in Formula 1 and plans to introduce a system for head protection in other categories.

Analysis: Why the FIA has imposed a system of “halo” in Formula 1

“In the frontal protection has no meaning if it cannot be entered in other formula series, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Mekisa. – This does not mean that everywhere will be the same version. But I think hardly anyone will understand why this concept is to protect only the best racers. This is wrong.

F1 is the best environment for experiments and research such decisions, so it’s only natural that we develop protection for the head here. But obviously, our intention is to implement the concept in other series”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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