Daniil Kvyat: the Only thing lacking is just a clean weekend

Даниил Квят: Единственное, чего нам не хватает – это просто чистого уик-энда

Russian Daniel Quat summed up the first half of the season-2017, which he finished in 17th place in the standings with four points scored in Melbourne and Barcelona.

“The start was quite promising – said Kvyat in an interview with his own official website. – I think that even generally speaking, we had a lot of encouraging the weekends, but we, in fact, simply not been able to reap the maximum benefits. Prevented any technical problems, or I was having trouble on the first lap – this was twice.

Many times we screwed up some minor mistakes here and there. But in these situations you just need to be patient. Sooner or later the result will still come, we have all the necessary ingredients. The only thing we really lack is just a clean weekend without any problems. If you put it all together, it is actually quite simple. Let’s just say, a lot easier than it may seem from the outside. Everything works as it should, so no need to change something globally no. With our pace, everything is in order, and the results will come.

Даниил Квят: Единственное, чего нам не хватает – это просто чистого уик-энда

We need to sort out a few issues that the team had a little more stability in engineering part – I won’t go into details, but in the second half of the championship we have something to improve in this matter. As for attitude, then it is no problem. All work, all motivated, and we have every reason to believe that the second half of the season everything will be better.

I think in Spa we will have a good chance to show themselves. In Monza, probably, to make it a little harder, because the speed on the straights – so it’s not our thing. But then there will be stages in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, on these routes we need to look hard enough. Our car is very good on the braking and on slow tracks where there are a couple of high-speed turns. But we are constantly improving it, besides, progress, achieve, and opponents, so in fact the chances are everywhere. Each track is a new challenge”.

Даниил Квят: Единственное, чего нам не хватает – это просто чистого уик-энда

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